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What are the different types of card readers?

April 7, 2023

Latest company news about What are the different types of card readers?

What are the different types of card readers?


一. Card readers according to the type of card can be divided into magnetic card reader, ic card reader, rfid card reader and hybrid card reader.


1. Magnetic card reader:A magnetic stripe reader is a device that can read the magnetic stripe information on cards such as bank cards and credit cards. The principle is to use the magnetic head made of ferromagnetic materials to read the magnetic field information in the magnetic strip, and then read the signal into a digital signal output to the computer or other equipment for processing.


2. IC card reader:IC card reader is a device that uses contact and non-contact technology to obtain data or realize control by reading and writing the information of IC card. Its principle mainly includes the following aspects:



 Contact IC card reader


Contact card readers read and write IC card information by connecting to a computer or other device. The principle is through the reader inside the head, the IC card chip pin and read the head pin connected, and then through communication with the chip, read the data in the card.



 Contactless IC card reader


The contactless card reader reads the data in the IC card in the form of a wireless signal through the built-in antenna. The principle is that the electromagnetic wave inside the card reader communicates with the chip in the IC card, and the data can be read and written by changing the frequency, amplitude and phase of the electromagnetic wave.


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3. RFID Card reader:RFID card readers work by using electromagnetic field interaction to achieve data transmission. Specifically, the card reader emits radio waves of a certain frequency that are picked up by a chip attached to the card. When the chip receives the radio wave, it will collect and feed back to the card reader, and transfer the data stored in the chip to the card reader. Using this data transmission mode, the contactless card reading and writing operation can be realized.



二、 Card readers can also be divided into motorized card reader and manual card reader


1. Motorized card reader is a device that can read various types of magnetic stripe cards, IC cards, RFID cards, and transmit the information on the cards to the computer system through card insertion, card swiping, induction and other ways to achieve data interaction, identity verification and other functions. Compared with the traditional manual card reader, the electric card reader has a higher degree of automation and reading speed, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and service quality in the fields of office, business and finance. In the intelligent age, the electric card reader has become an indispensable electronic equipment.



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2. A manual card reader is a portable device that can read data on a magnetic card by moving the handle or rotating the handle. It is usually used to read bank card, credit card, membership card, access card and other magnetic stripe card information. Manual card reader compared with electronic card reader, it does not need power, easy to use, the price is more affordable. In the event of an inconvenient location or power failure, a manual card reader is a great advantage, and because it can be carried in your pocket at any time, it is also of great help for some quick and temporary business operations.




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