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Is PCAP touch better than IR touch?

March 31, 2023

Latest company news about Is PCAP touch better than IR touch?

The choice between PCAP and IR touch technology will depend on the specific application and use case requirements.


PCAP (projected capacitive) touch technology uses a network of tiny touch-sensitive electrodes located beneath the surface of a glass screen or display. When a user's finger touches the screen, it disrupts the electric field generated by the electrodes, allowing the device to accurately calculate its exact position.


Infrared (IR) touch technology, on the other hand, uses horizontal and vertical arrays of LEDs and photodiodes to detect touch events. When a finger or stylus touches the surface of the screen, it interrupts the infrared beam and changes the signal received by the photodiode. The controller software uses this information to calculate the touch location.


Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. PCAP touch technology provides a more sensitive and accurate touch experience, ideal for high-end applications such as smartphones, tablets and kiosks. IR touch technology is more robust and works well in harsh conditions and outdoor environments, making it ideal for industrial and outdoor applications such as interactive digital signage and gaming.latest company news about Is PCAP touch better than IR touch?  0

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