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Digital and cashless gaming technology that is considered to bring casinos to the 21st century

September 14, 2020

Cashless games have been used on slot machines in the casino industry for the first 20 years, but were initially unacceptable to customers.

They confused old slot players when the original system called ticket-in / ticket-out was introduced. They didn't understand why the prizes came in the form of ticket vouchers rather than the cash they originally loaded. This machine.

Mike Rumbolz, CEO of Everi Holdings, vividly recalls those days. He was Vice Chairman of Casino Data Systems when the company deployed one of the earliest ticket-in / ticket-out devices. Twenty years later, Rumbolz will lead Las Vegas-based Everi's product development efforts in the cashless gaming space. It is one of dozens of gaming device providers and technology companies seeking a foothold in the currently expanding segment.

“The most important part is what the customer wants to do,” Rumbolz said. "Casinos add cashless when customers accept it, much like ticketing that became ubiquitous on the casino industry floor when customers adopted it."

On Thursday, the Nevada Games Commission will consider two regulatory changes to electronic money transfers to games or gaming devices. Currently, regulations allow customers to transfer money from their debit cards to games or gaming devices, but few properties have a licensed system.

Sandra Douglass Morgan, chairman of the game management committee, said the language change would codify the existing one.

"The language is to ensure that patrons can use their debit cards on their tables or gaming devices, only if the transfer is made through a cashless betting system," Morgan said. board."

The cashless system also applies the additional requirements of the board's technical standards.

Other changes include a daily remittance limit and a responsible gambling message that is "prominently displayed" on devices, including the Nevada Council website for gambling in question.

National approach

The American Gaming Association believes that we are in the age of cashless games. Last week, a Washington, D.C.-based trading organization announced a framework for allowing digital payments on the casino floor. Citing a survey that found that the majority of casino customers wanted the option of using cashless or digital technology in their games.

While the COVID-19 pandemic renewed interest in cashless games, AGA will lead the industry-wide collaborative effort over 18 months to modernize casino payments nationwide8 We have come up with a structure that covers one of the principles.

At last year's Global Gaming Expo, AGA CEO Bill Miller said transforming casino floors to accommodate the growing digital universe is a key goal of the organization. AGA Chairman Tim Wilmot, who retired in December as CEO of local casino operator Penn National Gaming, said the gaming industry had "prehistoric" financial relationships with its customers.

Principles cover many issues such as responsible games, regulatory approvals, security, choice and convenience, and public health.

"Cashless payments and digital technology are" in line with the role of gaming as an industry in the modern 21st century, and already tighten strict regulations and responsible gaming measures, "Miller said.

Brendan Bussmann, a partner at Global Market Advisors, a gaming industry consultant, said the pandemic that caused the nationwide casino closure in mid-March should be a reason to drive technology common in other business areas. I said that.

"Cashless payments not only enable up-to-date experiences on how payments occur in all other industries around the world, but also bring cash-unfavorable millennials back to the (casino) floor. May help, "Bussmann said.

Omer Sattar, executive vice president of Sightline Payments, a Las Vegas-based digital payments solutions company, said the expansion of cashless games opens up opportunities for many businesses.

Sattar quoted how Starbucks customers pay for coffee by simply abandoning the barcode from their mobile phone's digital wallet with a QR reader at the checkout counter.

"Probably up to five companies are involved in that single transaction," Sattar said. "No company can offer an end-to-end process in a cashless ecosystem."

Frontline Nevada

A few years ago, Nevada banned credit cards from being used directly on slot machines.

“Credit cards are one of the most relevant means to people,” said Rumbolz, former chairman and CEO of both casino managers and manufacturers. "You are betting on money you don't have, but your debit card is associated with your checking account."

Gaming equipment providers endorse the proposed proposals through the Gaming Manufacturers Association (AGEM) trading organization.

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