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The future development trend of intelligent parking system

December 2, 2020

Latest company case about The future development trend of intelligent parking system

Due to the rapid increase in labor costs in china, the method of managing parking lots based on human in the past is becoming less and less effective. With reference to foreign development experience, the degree of automation of parking lots will become higher and higher, and management personnel will gradually decrease Until the realization of unmanned service. The intelligent parking system realizes network sharing of data, breaks information islands, builds a smart parking IoT platform, and realizes functions such as parking guidance, parking space reservation, electronic self-service payment, and quick access.

Mobile phones realize functions such as parking space reservation, payment, and car search. Smart phones and mobile Internet have become popular in the past two years. Mobile Internet users have surpassed fixed Internet users. The use of mobile phones to order meals, buy movie tickets, download coupons, and make friends has become popular. So these applications in parking lots will quickly become popular.

With the increase of stereo garages, Chinese urban population is large, dense, and land costs are high. With reference to the experience of Western countries, stereo garages have the advantages of less land occupation, high utilization rate, and convenient access, and will develop rapidly.

Parking guidance and reverse car-seeking systems are rapidly spreading. Currently, the parking lots under construction are getting larger and larger, with more than thousands of parking spaces at every turn. If such a large parking lot does not have a guidance and car-seeking system and relies on personnel to guide it, It is a disaster for managers and customers.

The intelligent parking lot management system can not only solve the problem of entrance and exit control, but also effectively improve the problems of parking, finding a car, and fast in and out of the parking lot. The intelligent parking system is now used in various large or super large commercial toll parking lots, medium and small Commercial toll parking lots and residential parking lots have corresponding applications. With the development of technology, intelligent parking lot systems will become an indispensable part of promoting urban development.

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